Sunday, June 24, 2007

High Fauxdelity, 1

Olsen's Palette has sat untouched in the studio for some several weeks while I have concentrated on more pressing projects. For those one or two faithful visitors to this blog who are interested in seeing its progress, my apologies for the hiatus. In its stead, I'm painting a portrait commission, new works for a show in Atlanta in August, and the exterior of my house (plein air painting?) Also, I'm preparing for a two-person exhibition in Athens with Jeffrey Whittle, showing this November at Flicker. My works for the show are a group of fake album covers, called High Fauxdelity; Jeffrey's print series is called 12-inch Love Songs. Look for more info on our twin-bill in later blog posts.
Meanwhile, here are the first three "LPs." Each is acrylic on hardboard panel, 12.5 x 12.5 inches. (Bigger than Whittle's.)

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Alex Garcia said...

Very cool Dennis. Thanks for the update. I visit once in a while to get a glimpse of what you are working on.